Portfolio > Scribing Tools I

Spiral Stylus
Cane, Horsehair, Timber, Found Objects
625 x 540 x 120mm
Bent Brush
Timber, Cane, Fibre
670 x 440 x 170mm
The Brush
Timber, Natural Fiber
1200 x 780 x 150mm
Zigzag Brush
Timber, Cane, Natural Fibre
1360 x 260 x 200mm
Circular Scribing Tool
Cane, Branch, Horsehair
310 x 740 x 70mm
Small Arched Brush
Cane, Timber, Fibre
400 x 290 x 20mm
Spined Scribing Tool
Timber, Thorns
150 x 325 x 30mm
Circle Brush
Cane, Timber, Natural Fibre
250 x 395 x 30mm
Loop Brush
Timber, Horsehair, Found Object
370 x 240 x 80mm
Looped Brush
Cane, Timber, Horsehair, Straw
70 x 350 x 80mm

In the recent Scribing Tools I and II series, she continues to explore her interest in telling stories. She has had a long interest in creating works that explore the traditional narratives that are the foundation of our cultures.
Predominantly hand carved from timber in a naïve style, these works also feature found objects. Resembling giant, often disjointed brushes and styluses, the works encourage the audience to visualise them in use, in scrawling imagined gestures. What marks might they splash across the chosen surface, if picked up and dipped in ink? The abstraction of form and the desire to play with a sculptural ‘line’ can also be found in the linear wall pieces.