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sculpture voyage series the millstone 2013
Timber, Glass, Rope, Copper, Lead Weight
40 x 100 x 20cm
drogue voyage series
Mixed Media
1.37m x 2.4m x 5.2m
polarity purpose voyage
Timber, Aluminium, Horse Hair, Mixed Media
53 x 87 x 70cm
material concerns voyage
Jelutong Timber, Cane, Rope, Banksia Fibres, Mixed Media
1100 x 300 x 3000cm
sculpture material concerns heart detail 2012
Jelutong Timber
18 x 12 x 10cm

Works from the 'Voyage' series, begun in 2012.

I am currently working on a new mixed media sculptural series entitled ‘Voyage’. My conceptual focus lies in the exploration of the voyages, journeys and travails of characters from traditional myths, legends and folkloric tales. For each narrative I plan to create a “vehicle” that would encapsulate the main themes of the story.

I am interested in the “Americanisation/Disneyfication” occurring within storytelling narratives today, from Hollywood blockbusters to novels and television shows. The sanitation of traditional storylines from folk tales and myths, often removing the story’s moral or educational purpose along with the unwanted gore or adult themes, intrigues me.

“…the problem is, Disney has forgotten these stories roots and purpose, i.e. preparing adolescents for adulthood, and created a whole new mythology.”

I question whether this has had an impact on the expectations of today’s youth on their imagined life’s trajectory. Do they envisage a life that will end in such eternal bliss? Do they truly believe that with the vanquishing of one single evil, all shall be smooth sailing forever after? Am I selling them short?

“People have unrealistic expectations about the lifestyle they can afford, fuelled by the glittering trappings of celebrities…We all have a job to do in moving young people’s aspirations away from this empty and often destructive perception of what success means.”

In response to these questions, I am creating a body of work that argues for a less assured journey. One that may not necessarily lead where you wish it to, one that may be broken at times, one that more realistically mimics the life pattern of an individual.

I am creating “vehicles” that would seek to thwart the goals of their particular narrative through their absurdist design and obvious technical flaw. The pieces are being created primarily from timber and utilise found objects.

The Disneyfication of Folktales, Friedmeyer, Wendy, 2003

Teaching Students Finance, British Parliament, Commons Meeting, Education Minister, Gibbs, Nick, 2011