Portfolio > Plankton Series

Jelutong, timber, rabbit fur, found branch
280 x 100 x 70mm

This piece is currently available for purchase through Gallery Lane Cove. Please contact info@gallerylanecove.com.au for enquiries. Please note that artwork price does not include Postage and Handling. This will be calculated on purchase when address is confirmed.

These works have been inspired by a trip to Tonga, swimming with humpback whales. This current series of works is entitled ‘Plankton’. In these works, she seeks to make the minuscule, visible. By shining a light on the aesthetic beauty in the unseen life forms that underpin our existence, she hopes to reinforce our interconnectedness and reliance on the microscopic world.

The dinoflagellates are a monophyletic group of single-celled eukaryotes constituting the phylum Dinoflagellata and are usually considered algae. Dinoflagellates are mostly marine plankton, but they also are common in freshwater habitats. Their populations vary with sea surface temperature, salinity, and depth.